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Alma Sophia Auguste (Kaiser) Eltiste

Alma Eltiste

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Born - Wednesday, July 9, 1919

Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas

Baptized - 1919

Confirmation - 1933

Married - Wednesday, February 5, 1941

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas

Died - Monday, December 6, 1993

Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska


Christopher Eltiste Alma (Kaiser) Eltiste


Alma & Christopher Eltiste




Alma Eltiste is engrossed in Christmas giving, as this story about her is being written.  The candies on the table in the photo were to be given away, partly for Christmas and then all through the year.


"I like to make others happy and give my bouquets of flowers while friends are alive." Mrs. Eltiste philosophizes, "and other gifts 365 days out of the year, not just at Christmas."


January homemaker, Mrs. Vernon Eltiste of Overton, looks forward to another new year as offering added opportunity and time "to make friends and neighbors happy."


Mrs. Eltiste was nominated by a bashful neighbor who doesn't want her name mentioned.  "Mrs. Eltiste has a feel for the pulse of the community." the anonymous homemaker wrote.  "She is aware of the problems of others and has a sensitivity to their needs. She is always doing nice things for others."


Being able to raise beautiful flowers aids Alma Eltiste in her "hobby" of helping others.  "I realized a dream when we put down a four inch electric well 10 or 12 years ago."  she says.  "Then I could have all the flowers I wanted and a green lawn all summer."


"My first hobby is flowers. I usually have a bouquet or a rose for a sick friend; also for anniversaries or birthdays when I don't have a pan of cookies or a cake to take.  I enjoy flower arranging and helping at flower shows and county fairs.  Most of all, I enjoy growing new varieties."


Another hobby of Mrs. Eltiste's, the candle making, often coincides with mint making.  "I like to make mints for weddings, and give candles for wedding gifts."   "During World War II, I've tried to remember Christmas and birthdays of service men we knew, by mailing them homemade candy."       


Although Alma say's the electric mixer helps most with the candy beating, she believes her electric clothes dryer rates a first among electric appliances.  "I sure hated to hang clothes outside when it was cold." she said.


The Eltiste's have lived 8 miles East and 5 miles North of Lexington for 25 years.  Two of the rooms in their house that were remodeled recently, are heated electronically.  "We really enjoy these rooms in the winter," Alma says.  "They are so clean and warm."


The Eltiste's are parents to two sons, Howard, 25,  is a nutritionist for Allied Mills in Omaha.  John, 21, is a junior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Both are married, and there are two grandchildren to enrich Grandma Eltiste's life.  Michael and Michelle.


Although her health in recent years has not allowed her to be as active as she wishes, Alma Eltiste looks back to a busy life.  She and Vernon attend Fairhaven Baptist Church where Alma taught Sunday School 15 years, and is yet a substitute teacher.  They are still members of the Triple F Club.  Alma helped with a youth group for a long time, and is a past secretary of the Board of Education.


She has spent a quarter-century in project clubs, and is now a member of Fairhaven Extension Club.


And although their sons are away from home, the parents still enjoy track seasons and the state meet, remembering the busy years when the boys were in school.


"Keeping up with sports events" is listed as another hobby on Alma's fact sheet, and she's the first homemaker to ever admit an interest in politics.


Craft work and sewing for grandchildren are also enjoyable past times.  Alma says,  "I've taken three sewing courses and have tailored men's white jackets and western jackets,"  she says.


The farm bookkeeping is also "left" to Alma.  "I'm always available when Vernon needs help to drive cattle or get repairs,"  she also admits.


Other outside interests include readings and oratories at church meetings, Alma says. 


A highlight of this past summer was the visit to their home of two Negro girls from Omaha.  Arrangements were made through the extension office at Lexington and the Eltiste's were one of about 20 homes in Dawson County who hosted 4-H children from Omaha for a week.


The accompanying photo shows Alma Eltiste, Mrs. Shibble Maloley, and Mrs. Floyd Burkey--all of rural DPPD

homemakers--with the children at a 4-H meeting.


"We hope to host other 4-H'ers this coming year too,"  Mrs. Eltiste says.


Alma realizes how much easier her life is being a Dawson Power customer.  "I grew up on a farm in Kansas without electricity,"  she says,  "and we didn't have it the first years of marriage either. So I can recall all the times I pumped, carried and heated water.....and all the other things electricity does for us now."


Page of Dedication


Husband -Vernon Herman Eltiste

Born - May 26, 1914


Son - Howard Dennis Eltiste

Born - January 13, 1945


Son - John Dale Eltiste

Born - November 23,1949

Son - Vernon Kent Eltiste

March 23, 1953  ۩ March 23, 1953


Father - John Henry Kaiser

Mother - Maria Barbara Margaretha( Fink) Kaiser

Maggie Kaiser




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