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John Henry Kaiser

Born - June 7, 1880 -Osage, Otoe County, Nebraska

Died - March 25, 1936 -Phillips County, Kansas


John Kaiser's Stone House

Family Farm, Phillips County, Kansas


John Kaiser departed this life Wednesday, March 25, 1936, at the age of 55 years, 9 Months and 18 days, at his home in Freedom Township.


John Henry Kaiser, a son of Henry Kaiser and his wife Katharina Eltiste, was born at Osage, Nebraska, June 7, 1880.  In early infancy he was received into the Christian Church through the rite pf Holy Baptism.  At the age of 6 years he moved with his parents from Nebraska to Phillips County, Kansas.  Here he lived the remaining year of his life.  April 1, 1894 he was confirmed in the Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church.


September 21, 1910, John Kaiser was united in marriage with Miss Margaret Fink of Logan Kansas.  They Made their home northeast of Stuttgart, Kansas. This union was blessed with 4 Children, two sons and two daughters, all of whom survived his passing.  He was a kind father, an affectionate husband, and a good neighbor and citizen


John Kaiser  was a farmer and stockman and was active in his work until.  About a week before his death, John Kaiser became ill.  No one recognized, at the time, the true nature of his sickness, which developed to be a serious septicemia.  Neither medical skill nor faithful nursing could prevent the worst.  A few hours before his death, he partook of Holy Communion.  On Wednesday, March 25, 1936 about 10:30 in the Morning, John Kaiser peacefully passed away from time to eternity.


John Kaiser was laid to rest Friday March 27, in the cemetery of Emmanuel Lutheran church of Stuttgart, Reverend F. Krauss Pastor officiating



Wife - Maria Barbara Margaretha (Fink) Kaiser

Maggie Kaiser

Son - Johann Fredrich Leonard Kaiser

Jake Kaiser


Daughter - Alwinia Eva Christine (Kaiser) Boethin

Alwinia Boethin


Daughter Alma Sophia Auguste (Kaiser) Eltiste

Alma Eltiste


Veteran Korean WarSon - Hermann Edward Kaiser

Eddie Kaiser



Father - August Heinrich Kaiser

Mother - Anna Katharine (Eltiste) Kaiser



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