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 Christian Adam Kaiser

Born - March 1, 1878

Osage, Otoe County, Nebraska

Confirmed - 1892

Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

Stuttgart, Phillips County Kansas


Emma (Woerlen) Kaiser


Married - November 31, 1904

German Lutheran Church,-Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - February 5, 1924

His Farm -Phillips County, Kansas

Buried - Stuttgart Cemetery

Phillips County, Kansas




Christ Adam Kaiser was born on
March 1, 1874, in Otoe County. Nebraska, There he was baptized by Reverend, Hempler; In the year 1887 he
with his parents moved to Phillips County, Kansas.  Here he received religious instruction, first by Reverend Dilger then by Reverend Schutz, who also confirmed him in the year 1892.

After working at home, he secured home place for himself.

In the year 1904 he was married to Emma Woerlin in Nemaha County, Nebraska.
Three boys and three girls were given, to them, who with their mother feel  the terrib1e shock of the happening,
which is a1so extremely felt by an old mother with four sons, who have had so much sorrow and affliction In their
relation. The terrible news of ending this life must be known now by all, happened February 5, forenoon, at the age of 45 Years, 11 months, 6 days
All the deceased was a faithful member of our church, fu1filling his duties as well al everyone, and loved by all, we lament it all the more am cannot understand how anyone who used the means of grace so faithfully can commit such a crime.  It is deplorable that any person should take his own life, but it seems doubly so when a confessor of Christ, especially warned by late sad happenings in this vicinity, ends his life. We know that taking one's own life is a great
sin and cannot be excused, because many bible words tel1 us that life is a gift of God, and only He, He alone, can take it. But besides we know that God is the Judge of this soul..
We who are still living and have yet time to prepare ourselves, should remember how the bible warns us that the devil always takes advantage of our weak nature if we do not watch and pray.

So, therefore,

"Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." Reverend. F. Schardt.

Phillipsburg News

February 14,1924





Wife -Emma (Woerlen) Kaiser

Born - January 21,1879

Johnson, Nemaha County Nebraska

Died - May 24, 1953

Brewster Hospital, Holdrege, Nebraska



Son - Arnold Heinrich Kaiser

Born - November 3, 1905


Daughter - Rosa Margaretha Christine (Kaiser) Hopson

Born - June 17, 1908

Daughter - Leona Katharina Sophia (Kaiser) Gerdes

Born - July 12, 1910

Son - Richard August Johann Kaiser

Born - November 3, 1912

Never Married


Son - August George Kaiser

Born - February 25, 1915


Daughter - Irene Margarethe Alwinie (Kaiser) Zillinger

Born -October 12, 1917


Brother- Henry Christian Kaiser

Brother - John Henry Kaiser

John Kaiser

Brother- August Kaiser

Born- October 7, 1882   ۩ Died - January 25, 1889


Brother-Henry Frederich Kaiser

Sister - Katharina Christine (Kaiser) Muller

Veteran World IBrother - August Kaiser

Brother - Hermann Heinrich Paul Kaiser


Father - August Heinrich Kaiser

Mother - Ann Katharine (Eltiste) Kaiser






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