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Remember Our Ancestors



As long as we remember our ancestors in our hearts,

they are always with us....

Even though they are in a different place, they are still a part of our lives, let us not forget the ones who have gone before us.

This is the reasons for this web site...

Recording your family's history can easily become a lifetime passion, one that reaches the pinnacle of gratification and the depths of despair, Often within the same day.

We hope these pages help you in your quest to learn

more of your family and its history.

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Herbert Wempen - Tombstone Cynthia (Wingert) Wempen - Tombstone

Eveline (Torbeck) Kaiser - Tombstone Bill Kaiser - Tombstone


Herbert Wempen - TombstoneCynthia (Wingert) Wempen - Tombstone

Eveline (Torbeck) Kaiser - TombstoneBill Kaiser - Tombstone



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